Real Estate Transaction Services

Financial Services
(Mortgages, Homeowners Insurance, Title Insurance)

We provide you the closest you will experience to a seamless transaction. 

Our settlement team will coordinate every part of a settlement, from tax, mortgage,
title and insurance. 

Our affiliation with Trident Mortgage means that someone else is doing the work to shop for the best mortgage available. 

Our affiliation with Trident Insurance means that someone else is doing the work to shop for the best insurance policy at the best price. 

And our affiliation with Trident Land Transfer means that you can have the best professionals in the region making your settlement go as smoothly as possible.


A Mortgage And What You Can Purchase
It is essential that you start by talking with a mortgage representative, first! 
Click here for a mortgage step by step guide.  That conversation will clarify
your budget, and can get you a mortgage pre-approval (not a pre-qualification,
but a pre-approval), which home sellers now demand before they consider an offer. 

Some people don't call a mortgage representative ahead of time because they do not want to waste anyone's time, but then they lose out on the bidding of a house that they love because they were not pre-approved for a mortgage;  by not talking to a mortgage representative ahead of time, they waste everyone's time, but most importantly, their own. 

I suggest that you speak with John Gamlin of Trident Mortgage;  he is
extremely professional and very easy to work with, and calling him and
having him pre-approve you will not obligate you to get your mortgage
through him and Trident.

John can be reached at 610-388-9683 or at

Title Insurance
An unavoidable expense!  But it also insures your title to the property, and,
in Pennsylvania, the title company performs the settlement.  In Delaware,
the settlement is performed by an attorney.  Title insurance is highly
regulated, so don't believe anyone who tells you that they can give you a
deal on title insurance, because they are pulling your leg to say the least. 
Check out standardized title costs by clicking here.

If you have any questions about title insurance, please feel free to contact
Sharon Foley of Trident Land Transfer

Sharon can be reached at 610-388-4764 or at


On settlement day, your lender will require proof of insurance.  Annmarie Koszowski
of Trident Insurance has found many of my clients the best policies at the best prices. 
Annmarie can also provide quote for auto insurance, etc.

Annmarie can be reached at (610) 388-4760 or at


Relocation Services

For growing companies, the key to success is getting the right people to the right location. Prudential Fox & Roach can help, with cost-effective relocation services provided by ETC designed to help organizations reach their goals while maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction. With a unique blend of relocation and real estate experience, Prudential Fox & Roach Relocation Services is recognized as a national leader in both industries.

With more than 25 years of experience in relocation, and a commitment to continuously improving industry service standards, Employee Transfer Corp provides cutting-edge solutions to our clients' needs. As a full-service relocation management and consulting company, we can offer insightful advice on current relocation trends and custom tailor corporate relocation programs, from policy development and administration to home-finding assistance to home sale assistance and buyout programs, drawing on our wide range of expertise and resources. When you work with our relocation professionals, the relocation experience is positive for both employer and transferee.